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What we do

With particular attention to the connection “CREATIVITY-PRICE-SERVICE” our company is focusing to serve our customers in Greece and abroad the latest trends in fabric qualities , tendencies in designs and colors.

Always in the vanguard regarding tendencies, colors and fashion to satisfy our customers’ needs in their “pronto moda” creativities.

What we offer

We offer them the stylistic support for the collections in progress and forecasts for the future season trends.

We are wholesalers and convertors of fabrics and our collections are offered to :

  • Clothing industry and manufacture
  • Women and children wear
  • Cocktail and luxury creations
  • Original menswear

We are specialized in “pronto moda” women and children trends and we present every season a complete and continuously renewable collection with always the latest tendencies in designs and shades.

Together with  a team of hard working colleagues LATSIS TEXTILES is trying to make sure that all new developments in fashion can go ahead, making sure customers will benefit from that.